My Story

The pain in my early life

I was born in Mexico but came to Germany when I was three months old. My father was a wealthy man and left my mother when I was only four years old. I grew up without a real father and changed schools often. My mother was working a lot, so most of the time I had to take care of my younger brother. Some of the schools I went to were good. Others were extremely bad. I was in a school in Berlin-Kreuzberg, where I got bullied for being German. Even though I went through all kinds of difficult situations in my early life, I never stopped trying to move forward. I mean, what was the other choice? When I was fourteen, I had suicidal thoughts. When I look back on it, I think that was pretty pathetic. But still, it can’t be normal that I had these thoughts as a teenager. With fifteen, I had my first girlfriend. That was my only source of happiness at the time. Back then, my parents were very concerned with my education. Especially since I always had problems with my grades.

After two years and a half, my girlfriend and I broke up. I had a hole in my life which was difficult to fill. I became depressed and had no social skills at all. That means that I had no idea how to make friends or even talk to strangers. When I turned eighteen, I realized that I wanted to change my life and take things in a new direction.

I had enough!

I didn’t want to accept the situation anymore. Different events contributed to me wanting to change everything. The first critical point came when I walked into a store on a hot summer day. I wanted to buy new sneakers and found a nice pair. When I tried them on, the store clerk asked me how my day was. It was a guy. My face turned completely red and I couldn’t manage to reply to him. That was the quickest pair of shoes I ever bought. After I left, I realized what had happened. I couldn’t even have small talk with a stranger. That’s how socially awkward I was. And I wanted to change that.

After that, I asked in a social media forum how I could conquer my shyness. There were several comments which didn’t seem to make sense, as well as some that were very judgemental. I was losing hope until someone recommended me “this one guy” who had apparently gotten out of his comfort-zone in an extreme way. I signed up to his free newsletter and after some days I received the first challenge that would help me get out of my own comfort-zone. I was told to lay down in a public space. I thought that that was totally crazy. But after some time, I realized that if I continued living the way I did, nothing would change for me.

I called up a friend and went out with him. It was Christmas time in Berlin,  and we went to a big shopping mall in the centre of the city. After half an hour, I finally got the courage to lay down on the ground for five minutes. As crazy as it seems, everything changed for me after that moment.

A new beginning

I started to join other personal development groups. I went out on the street to meet new people, I read books and travelled alone to attend live seminars all over Europe. I could never imagine doing all of that if I hadn’t taken that one decision.

Three years later, I teach other people how they can implement a new and positive mindset to live the life they truly want to live. With other experienced coaches, I give seminars and create content for my podcast.

I quickly discovered that personal development is my greatest passion. I could spend hours talking and learning about it without realizing that time is going by. That’s why I took the decision to help and teach others who are at the beginning of their journey. I know how it feels to hit rock bottom. I know what it’s like to be depressed at home in front of the computer and asking the question: “what should I do with my life?”. I know how it feels to be in such dark places in life, where nobody seems to be on your side. Is it going to be easy? Of course not! But there is always a chance, and that alone should motivate you to reach your true potential in life.

Yes, I want to build my personality.