I host events and seminars in Berlin to help people to crush their comfort zone and get the life that they always wanted

#getsocialized Seminar

You are from Berlin? Lucky you, you can join one of my regular Seminars to see me live on stage with other successful Entrepreneurs, Life coaches and more. On these seminars, you have the oppurtunity to meet like minded people, get inspiration for your life and excercises which you can implement in you. Seminars are the best way to connect with new people. Some of my best friends I’ve met through events like these. Don’t forget: You are the average of the 5 people you spent most time with.

#getsocialized workshop

An intensive 4 hour experience, where I teach YOU in a small group how you can improve in life. This workshop is for you if you really want to take action and see where your limiting beliefs are. In this workshop you will also meet like minded people which you can connect with. After these 4 hours I offer an Accountability Group, where we will see your progress after this workshop. So be ready for taking action.

Build your personality