The breakthrough mindset program for turning dreams into achievements.

If you ever asked yourself any of the questions below, you’re in the right place.

”How can I do the thing I love as I want to?”

“How can I build a social circle of like minded people?”

“How to boost confidence while trying new passion?”

“How do I stop overthinking?”

“How to reach my goals in worst times possible?”

“How to become funny, courageous and truthful?”

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Hi, my name is Chris Lenz. I am a mindset coach. Originally from Mexico and first came to Germany just when I was three months old. I was always devoted to help people and make people’s life better just like my mom.

Unfortunately our youth is now confused as ever and suffering silently because of the society.

That’s why I help young ambitious people transform dreams into achievements by developing new habits and crushing their comfort zones.

Here’s why the mindset program is different from others

Unique Challenges

The challenges are uniquely designed to remove all negative fears from your head. Public challenges such as lying on a mall, talking to strangers are given to students to break the barriers of society.

Habit Tracking

Throughout the program you will create small new habits to reach the goals. Each week the progress of the habits will be recorded by one-on-one private call.

Seminar & Workshops

Along with successful life coaches we provide daily workshops and seminars on challenges of youth.

I did it for five minutes and everything changed after that moment

I was desperate for a change. So I called up my friend and went out to a mall. I really needed a breakthrough in my life. Finally got the courage and lied down on the ground in front of thousands people in the mall.  As crazy it seems, that was the life turning moment.

Life was too hard for me to get the good of it easily. I pretended to be perfect to not get bullied in society. The negative voice in my head always made me feel weak and suicidal. I was young and confused, unclear about my goals.

My mom is my driving force. Her philanthropy works inspired me. In Germany alone, 1 in 4 young adults suffer from mental illness which results in suicide or addiction. Being a young adult, I understand how crucial it is to have vision, freedom and positivity.

That’s why I started to help people one by one by learning the secrets of ultimate happiness.

I interviewed over hundreds of life coaches, successful leaders to understand the element of success and freedom.  Now I share these teachings through mentoring program.

Yes, I want to build my personality.